Astral Swans

Singer-Songwriter, Folk / Canada

If you've ever wondered how Nick Drake would have sounded if he'd grown up in the nineties: Here you go. Matthew Swann gives you an idea with his project Astral Swans. He already showed what he can do with a guitar and mic on his beautiful 2015 lo-fi gem All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson.

Swann translates stories from the rich legacy of the sixties, incorporates the psych-folk mythology and punk-loner style of the 2010s, and manages to sound entirely authentic in the process. The second album Strange Prison expanded the Canadian's sound with electronic gimmicks, significantly better production value, and a penchant for the psychedelic that also comes through in the videos for "Controls" and "The Kids Came By and Burned Down the Scene". And on top of all that, there is his outstanding duet with Mariel Buckley, "High Hallelujah", celebrating the legalization of cannabis in Canada.

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