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Ata Kak

Music / Electronic/Live, Global / Ghana

This is where the hiplife sound most likely started: Obaa Sima by Ata Kak is one of the first albums that married the Ghanaian high life with the history of hip hop, and is rightly considered a gem by record collectors. That reputation has only grown since the ladies and gents at Awesome Tapes From Africa re-released the album in 2015.

Since then, Ata Kak has also resurfaced from the shadows after two decades, but the classic album with its crunchy drums and kicks, its infectious rhythms, and its playful disco moods could hardly sound more modern. Ata Kak not only stands out from the recent wave of reissues thanks to his crazy raps and vocals: He's also creating fresh music, and in September, he will finally play live in Germany again after a long absence. Exotic retro vibes from a fellow who does a lot of endurance training to prepare for his shows.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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