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Presented by: Centre National De La Musique (CNM)

Gabriel Renault and Antoine Talon are alchemists and technologists not only dedicated to live musical experimentation but also to machine-based techniques. Under the name ATOEM, the duo creates productions of cinematic proportions that blur the transitions between ambient techno, French tech-house and sweet synthpop drama. Songs that are both danceable and phantasy-invoking incidentally give birth to epic sci-fi scenarios that have continuously been expanded, refined and updated across half a dozen EPs in recent years. Their latest release “Live Frequencies” from April of this year is evidence of the extremely high level of production at which Renault and Talon have operated from the get-go – this is true for their studio projects, but hits differently live on stage. As one of the most forward-thinking duos in contemporary French electronic music, ATOEM have become notorious for their audio-visual concert experiences that are futuristic but hit the contemporary nail right on the head as well. Impossible to forget.

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