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Music / Pop, Electronic/Live / Switzerland, Germany

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Vocals full of soul, dreamy melodies, and electronic beats with a feel for acoustic color and timing—that's how AYU conquered the German-speaking countries' airwaves last summer, starting with the popular station Radio Fritz. Then there were highly successful festival gigs at the Moon & Stars in Locarno, Gurtenfestival in Bern, and at L-Beach, where she spontaneously filled in on the main stage for Joan As Police Woman.

AYU started her trajectory with a strong energy that is reflected in her music, which she has dubbed "trip-pop" and which has taken her to stages all over Europe. Released early this year, the single "Another Mess, I" delivered further proof that she's going to immerse us in a great atmosphere at the Sommersalon at Klubhaus St. Pauli.

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