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Since Benas Aleksandravičius started the project that bears his initials ba, a lot has happened. From a solo endeavor in 2013 to one of the most successful bands of Lithuania, it's been a wild and sometimes bumpy ride with line-up changes, excesses, and inner turmoil, artfully documented in the book Chaosas Manyje Nieko Naujo only last year.

The musical vision, however, has always been consistent: nocturnal alternative rock with post-punk guitars, epic vocals, and rousing melodies replete with reverb, but no sign of cheesiness or nostalgia. When did anyone last produce music like that? Rasti/Pasiklysti was an excellent start, and this year the band has followed up with H8, which represents the evolution of their sound and stands as a testament to the band's boundless creativity. ba have no need for try-hard genre experiments, and yet their rock music is unlike any other on the planet.

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