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Baby Jesus

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The name Baby Jesus reminds unmistakably of the golden era of sixties‘ cinemascope rock. And so goes the philosophy of the quartet from Swedish Halland County. A mutual trip to India brought some musical enlightenment to the members.

Worth listening to on their album “Baby Jesus“. Soft psychedelic sounds refine their mix of garage rock and ecstasy. Velvet Underground meets Back From The Grave. Some songs like “Haven’t Seen the Light“ are made for endless rotation. For long passages there is barely any singing, just like on “Nice Walk“. The quartet is simply high on their own music, coming along with tempo, roaring guitars and a lot of retro charms. It’s about time for new stuff from this exciting combo. Last year at least some pre-taste has appeared with “Even Though You Look So Good“. And for sure, Baby Jesus in concert must be an unforgettable experience.

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