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Bandit Bandit

Music / Rock / France

Presented by: Ditto Music

Formed last year in France, Bandit Bandit needed no promotion whatsoever to make a name for themselves as a kind of Bonnie-and-Clyde duo of the francophone rock scene. With massive guitar grooves, edgy drums, and vocals with two voices that complement each other, this is a thrilling White-Stripes-esque indie blend that oozes originality.

In Paris, they enjoy a solid reputation as a high-energy live band; their gig in Hamburg this September will be their first-ever show in Germany. It will be exciting to see how Bandit Bandit translate the psychedelic, stomping sound of tracks such as "Maux" to the stage.

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Currently the band is looking for the following representation:

  • Booking: Cold Fame / WW / jeannoel@coldfame.com

  • Label: Ditto Music / WW / marika@dittomusic.com

  • Management: La Factory / WW / michaelgermond@gmail.com

  • Publishing: Hold On Music / WW / holdonmusic@gmail.com


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