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Be Forest.

Music / Rock / Italy

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Be Forest. from Italy are one of the few acts in Europe to accomplish the transition from post-punk to shoegaze in 2019 with the kind of freshness that My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, or Mazzy Star accomplished in their day. But the three-piece has dreamt up an evolution for yesterday's ethereal walls of sound. They reveal harmonies like deep, dark secrets and in the process create vast music full of longing and warmth.

They were last heard from in 2014, when they released the hypnotic forest ride Earthbeat, before returning in 2019 with what is possibly their darkest album to date, Knocturne. Full of mystical odes to the night, black as space, grand as constellations in an endless universe—it's not least thanks to the outstanding production skills of Josh Bonati (Mac DeMarco, Zola Jesus, David Lynch) that even your soul gets goosebumps while listening to Be Forest.

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