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Bess Atwell

Music Indie, Folk Brighton, United Kingdom

It never ceases to amaze how some singer-songwriters can fit entire worlds of emotion into a few lines and a melody. Bess Atwell perfected this art already on her debut Hold Your Mind, enchanting listeners with ease—even though many of Atwell's lyrics and melodies spring from her darkest hours.

This also brings with it a disarming frankness and intimacy, tangible in bittersweet everyday poetry such as "Cobbled Streets," but also in dreamy ballads such as "Swimming Pool" and her latest single "Grace," which evokes a warm summer evening by the seaside despite lyrics that tell of betrayal and loss. It is this ambivalence that fills Bess Atwell's songs with such intriguing beauty, and ensures that most any listener will find something to relate to.

Currently the band is looking for the following representation:

  • Label: GSA/Europe

  • Publishing: GSA/World


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