© Rebecca Krämer

Betterov & Friends - Die Reeperbahn Festival Session

Music / Berlin, Germany

It seems like German post punk has once again become a racehorse worthy on betting your mortgage on. What was considered basically starved for a long time has in recent times enjoyed a revival deserving of the name thanks to artists like Manuel Bittorf. As a multi-instrumentalist, producer and actor, the Berliner-of-choice has what it takes to see the latest wave of Deutsche Welle through a rejuvenation cure of post-punk and indie rock. For the last two years, he has been showing us how it’s done: first with his EP “Viertel vor Irgendwas” (Quarter to Something, 2020), then with songs like “Alles leuchtet ein” (Everything makes sense) and this year’s debut album “Olympia” which is set to finally be released this autumn. Here, he once again bonds poetic lyrics with guitar-driven melodies full of heart and soul which leave those small longings of daily life room for expression – in one’s own head, on stage or, as the case may be, here for us. For the Reeperbahn Session, he is bringing a group of friends that’ll be turning the evening into a special experience.


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