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Music / Indie, Punk / Essex, United Kingdom

If a customer runs from a cabbie without paying the fare, the driver's been 'bilked'—fleeced, cheated. Somehow, the term makes a fitting band name for the sound of Sol Abrahams (vocals, guitar), Luke Hare (bass) and Harry Gray (drums): rebellious, cheeky and pleasantly reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys, but also with hints of Blur and The Streets. And yes, at times they do sound like they're looking for trouble, in the form of bilking or otherwise.

Two years ago, Bilk's fast-paced alternative indie aired on BBC Introducing, growing the three-piece's fame far beyond their local scene in Essex. The boys are set to play their first-ever concert on German soil at this year's Reeperbahn Festival. Prepare for a high-energy show steeped in newcomer charm.

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