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Billy Bragg

Music / Folk, Indie / United Kingdom

Some artists survive trends completely unscathed, defy all hype, and consistently concentrate on their own thing. Rarely do they remain successful in the process. However, Billy Bragg is celebrating his 40th anniversary in 2023 as a living embodiment of all these qualities and is showing the world why he is still one of the undisputed legends in British folk and alternative country. The songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and protest singer has left no stone unturned over the decades when it comes to challenging the status quo and countering an increasingly sick world with his art. From new beginnings to upheaval to collapse, Bragg has always shown himself capable of both reflecting his inner life via the state of the world and daring to change things. This year, he will prove with us live on stage for the first time the fact that his creativity is far from extinguished, even after classics such as “Worker’s Playtime” (1988) and the Woody Guthrie homage “Mermaid Avenue” (1998).

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