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Billy Raffoul

Music / Indie, Singer-Songwriter / Canada

Apples don’t fall too far from their trees, which is why Billy Raffoul wrote his first songs before most of his friends had even left primary school. As the son of Jody Raffoul, the multi-award-winning songwriter from Canada’s south Ontario, Billy grew up in an artistic setting and has apparently been equipped with equally as much talent as he has ambition. Just like his dad, the young poet has been invoking comparisons from Neil Young to Jeff Buckley with his characteristic timbre before his debut EP had even come out. Especially during his live shows, the song maker has a knack for touching his audiences, regardless of whether they’re sitting on the jury of Canadian talent shows, in Kidd Rock’s studio or behind the desk at Interscope Records. Management deals, millions of streams and masses of manic fans are all in his pocket. Inspired by unerring intuition, by the magic of the moment and the leading figures of American folk history, the young Raffoul is about to make his mark on Europe.

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