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Music / Rock / Brussels, Belgium

Stoner rock has never really gone out of fashion, so it wouldn't be fair to say that Black Mirrors have tried to start a revival. But the four-piece from Brussels certainly enriches and refreshes the genre with the bluesy voice of Marcella Di Troia, emphasized brilliantly by the tuned-down guitars. This music not only contains the heart and soul of its creators, but also a great deal of rhythmic variation and passionate, original songwriting.

And they make it sound easy, even when it is anything but. Such ease doesn't come out of nowhere, but rather proves how attuned to each other the band members are thanks to their extensive live experience. Standing on this solid foundation, the band can try new things without sacrificing its style. Proof of this abounded on last year's debut Look Into the Black Mirror. Tight, catchy, and uncompromising, Black Mirrors have what it takes to put on a show to remember.

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