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Blaue Blume

Music / Indie, Pop / Denmark

For centuries the blue flower has served as a popular symbol of self-realization and the pursuit of the metaphysical. And yet, it’s kind of unexpected that a band of that name, hailing from Copenhagen, would conjure up an overwhelming emotional storm on ethereal art dream pop pieces such as “Vanilla” and “Sky”. After only a few minutes, their music edits memories and sensory impressions into a highly personal film for the mind’s eye that seems bittersweet, close enough to touch, and yet eccentrically distant. The four-piece’s 2019 album Bell of Wool became a widely acclaimed monument of dreamlike poetry, illustrating that hope doesn’t have to be out of reach even at what appears to be the end of a road. The album’s title stands for the strangely beautiful inspiration behind it, says singer Jonas Smith: a woolen Christmas tree ornament that he saw in a dream, and which the band somehow managed to capture sonically.

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