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Blu DeTiger

Music / Indie, Pop / New York, United States of America

When Blue DeTiger (yes, that is her real name) first started covering songs by Megan Thee Stallion, Prince and Janet Jackson on TikTok during the covid lockdowns, she probably wasn’t thinking too much about her dream career. But things have a tendency to happen when you least expect them: within just a few weeks, her bass covers go viral and put her on the map for all those who hadn’t yet heard of her – despite the fact that DeTiger had already been part of the alternative rock band Kitten, had played DJ sets for years all over Manhattan and had been on tour with the likes of Caroline Polachek and Fletcher. It’s no surprise that the experienced musician still vows listeners with anything she touches, be it on her own debut EP “How Did We Get Here?” (2021), or her cameos as a singer-songwriter, bassist or producer. She has now signed with Capitol Records, her own Fender-Bass edition and is reaping awards across the US media landscape for her unique style. So it’s high time that this multi-talented artist is offered a stage here as well.

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