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Music / Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop / Germany

Presented by: Auswärtiges Amt, Reeperbahn Festival

From out of the bedroom into the world - Patrick Hüttenhoff has achieved what others daren’t even dream of. With single-minded ambition and the skillset of a producer en route to the peak of his creativity, the Berlin DIY professional has been crafting cutting-edge trap as BLVTH for several years now, internalising a fundamental lesson of all music: catchiness is complexity without frills. Tracks like the blue shimmering "Disarray" or the anti-hit single "Haha" are dripping with feeling for hooks, for effects, breaks and the right timbres at the right moment, while the 80s flicker in the rear-view mirror. It’s almost no surprise that top albums by Casper, his collaboration project with Marteria called 1982 and Kraftclub frontman Kummer are penned by him. The list of features that he snagged for his latest coup “One World” is no less top-class and covers everything from bülow to Woodie Smalls to JR Blender that is hot and sexy internationally at the moment. In 2020, he already blew away his audience with this - this year, the obligatory sequel follows.

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