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A lot of what we consider K-pop in the West actually isn’t K-pop at all. Well, obviously: not all Korean-influenced music can be placed in the same category. A band like Bosudong Cooler, however, well they’re a novelty even by the peninsula’s truly diverse music business standards. Falling somewhere between indie rock, Japanese and Korean traditional music, folk and dance, the quartet has definitely found its own style – even despite the fact that all of the four members pursue full-time work on the side, some as freelancers, others as employees. Yet this is precisely what the band is about: looking past social boundaries in search of new possibilities for self-realization, finding them and using them. Consequently, the name for their debut EP "Yeah, I Don't Want It" came quite naturally. After all, there are always situations in life where we can't say no, or at least shouldn't. In lyrics and sound, Bosudongcooler convey that it is nevertheless important to have the courage to say no - especially to what is naturally demanded of us. How right they are.

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