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When Jiří and Ondřej Veselý played their set at Tallinn Music Week in April 2019, they left the stage to thunderous applause. Happy to have seen one of the best live sets of the renowned festival, the evening signalled a turning point for the duo. Up until then, apart from the “Monster” EP (2017) and two singles, their release output had been zero, and they were still new to the scene. Ever since, the two have been one of the most in-demand acts on the Czech techno underground scene, which certainly has no shortage of talented producers. Why so sought after? Not just for their productions, which reveal an extraordinary knack for rapturous melodies, but also because the percussive beats on Jiří's debut album "Two Minds" (2021) are hand-recorded and then sampled and processed. The end result is a delicious and highly infectious mix for long club nights where you can just let loose. If you want, that's what awaits you in Hamburg in September.

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