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Music / Indie, Pop / Hamburg, Germany

Being madly in love again, wallowing up to your ears in emotions, surfing a vibe where there’s only hope and anticipation – with her debut single “2nd Floor”, Brockhoff has ventured into one of the topics that touches everyone, yet could hardly be more difficult to deal with in the fast-moving platform internet business. And yet, with a mix of 90s indie, summerly pop flair and expressive vocals, the 22-year-old Hamburg native easily creates a soundtrack for the budding emotions of spring. Empathetic and absolutely authentic, Brockhoff sings about the devotion of lovers, but also of the thrill of the dangers that can lurk at the opposite side of such an encounter. But, as the saying goes: No risk, no fun, right? And that's what it's all about: without the risk and the fall, we can neither find nor learn to appreciate the highs of life. As a songwriter, Brockhoff translates these insights into songs that could easily become biographical soundtracks.

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  • Booking: France, BeNeLux, Italy

  • Management: US

  • Publishing: All Territories


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