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Bror Gunnar Jansson

Music / Country / Sweden

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Guitarist, singer, saxophonist, drummer, and songwriter—Bror Gunnar Jansson is all of these things in one. Like that's not enough, the Swede is also one of the most gifted blues reformers the genre has seen in decades. When the man with the excellent taste in hats sits on his stool, you're tempted to look for the rest of the band, but no: He plays his live gigs largely without support, working all the instruments at once, all the while looking as self-assured as a young Bob Dylan or John Lee Hooker.

At the same time, Jansson's music and lyrics can sound decidedly darker than your average blues, country, or folk fare. From his debut to the two-part album And The Great Unknown, the passionate poet has never failed to nail a scream, earning him boundless admiration in the press and from fellow artists. Jansson is the kind of expressive phenomenon that only comes about once every couple of decades. What if the most impressive American blues artist hails from Gothenburg, Sweden?

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