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Choi Ran’s music career began with the Korean rap crew Dickids, in which she fulfilled a somewhat unique role, being the only female. She learned how to assert herself and pursue her own creative vision early on – within her crew, but especially in regards to her solo career. Her debut as Bryn came in August 2018 with the single "Hazy City". Its accompanying video honored the neon-coloured lights of Seoul, symbolically representing all of the other gigantic urban centers strewn across Asia. Armed with a tweaked vocalizer, an untamed futuristic aesthetic and a sense for hooks that’ll have her songs sticking to your car radio for days, the rapper has successfully emancipated herself from her crew and is currently single-handedly tattooing her signature – consisting of trap, R&B and cloud rap – across the face of the South Korean hip-hop world. And if last year's debut album "Silkmoth" has showed us anything, it’s that she already commands this mixture like a pro.

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