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Music Hip-Hop/Rap United States of America

In collaboration with rapper and producer Russ, Bugus has produced beat masterpieces that have garnered millions of hits over the past few years, not only on Russ' own channel, but also on SwagyTracks. The beat wizard seems to have no problem producing a steady stream of sunshine vibes for Bugus, such as on "Free Bird" or "Magazine." Bugus' raps drive the sound home with clever rhymes and a streamlined flow.

Together, the two form the crew DIEMON (Do It Everyday Music Or Nothing), whose output has been a summer favorite among hip hop enthusiasts for a while. Without trying too hard or coming off as pretentious, Bugus crafts lyrics with several layers of meaning—and he manages to be relatable without going for low-hanging fruit. The production is slick, but packed with dense, organic grooves. If rap, soul, and funk had a child, it would probably sound a lot like Bugus.


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