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The Care Station takes the business of curating literally. In Latin, “curare” translates as “to care for”, “to look after”. With the Care Station, the queer-feminist collective “Experimentelle Klasse” curates a container as a haven of refuge in the midst of the pulsating buzz of the festival. The Care Station caters to the needs of festival-goers who want something a bit different from conventional consumers. Alongside seating provided for feet weary from dancing and coffee for worn-out minds, the collective provides a space to explore themes such as care, class and unlearning – always from an approachable and cross-sectional angle. For this, they have put together a media library with selected feminist works. This creates an extension of the festival infrastructure alongside the medical tent, awareness team and so on for those who like it loud but also appreciate some quiet time.

With its work, the collective group “Experimentelle Klasse”, formed by one-time HFBK students, questions the strict distinction between science and artistic work. Only right that they should give their theoretical approaches some real practical opportunities for development: in the reading group, for example, they quote from their own book “KANON” – including excerpts to take away with you. The Care Station is also the departure point for various audio walks by the collective. The auditory walks explore the festival site’s surroundings and highlight care in the urban setting.

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