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Carlie Hanson

Music Pop United States of America

Lushly produced, shimmering pop epics are Carlie Hanson's area of expertise. This may come off like standard praise, but once her sound has truly sunk in, it's clear that this is the only appropriate way to describe Hanson's skill. This year, tracks such as "Numb" and "Back In My Arms" have left no doubt: This woman will not go down as a few-hit wonder like so many before her.

Hanson is simply too gutsy in her musical choices for that, and her vocal performance is just too idiosyncratic—who else can sound cheeky and kind at the same time? The same can be said of the rest of her sound, which melds fat, thumping beats with colorful synth melodies and pad textures like it's no big deal. The result are tracks that sound deliberately modern, but also intuitive and catchy. This is the cherry on top of a sundae on a summer day.

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