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Music / Indie, Pop / Manchester, United Kingdom

Sure, they might be from North England, they might be called Rob, Jakob and Lou and, yes, they might also be considered a traditional band setup, but Cassia’s sound has so much more to offer than well-known British indie-charm. Even as a child, singer Rob was fascinated by the music of Zambia, where his father and grandfather had lived for years. The energy of an Emanuel Chanda and the joyful spirit of the legendary Fela Kuti inspired the songwriter of Cassia more than a Bob Dylan or a Neil Young. Unsurprisingly, their debut "Replica" (2019) combines aspects of Zamrock, of Afrobeat and highlife, as an independent mix of styles with a distinct sensibility for pop. The band members emphasise the fact that their music is intended to unite people and cultures, and to this end they make use of a number of instruments from the African continent. Songs like the joyfully bubbling "Small Spaces" or the indie hit "100 Times Over" bear witness to success beyond the boundaries of their homeland and immediately offer a sound that celebrates summer and life as much as cultural diversity. With their new album "Why You Lacking Energy?", they will be playing Hamburg for the first time in September.

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