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Music / Electronic/Live, R'n'B/Soul / Berlin, Germany, Argentina

Presented by: German Music Talent

Ultra-heavy beats meet sizzling grime hi-hats and android-like deadpan raps—and for Amparo Battaglia, those are just the first few bars of a track. As Catnapp, the Argentinian producer and singer has spent the past decade playing everywhere from Buenos Aires to Berghain. She DJs at the big European electronica festivals and has released her fourth album this year, marking a new chapter with Monkeytown Records.

Break truly does what it says on the tin: On her latest record, the soundsmith melds experimental percussion, pitch-dark pads, low bass frequencies, and distorted R&B vibes into a pulsating urban sound that breaks the mold. And on top of all that, Battaglia's unmistakable vocal delivery sounds like a sensual version of an AI voice.

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