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Cham Léon

Music / Electronic/Live, Pop / Oslo, Norway

Creativity is never merely the result of talent or some fortunate skill. For art to touch, for it to captivate, you’ll usually find that it requires a certain amount of hard work and dedication behind it – along with friends, providing strength and support. Cham Léon accordingly lists some of the people most significant to them as essential sources of inspiration for the music they create. And it’s impossible to miss. Their songs are in equal parts touching and energetic and they explore the interstices of highly expressive pop, R’n’B and electronica in a playful way. Cham Léon draws their nonchalant versatility from their personal surroundings, their plethora of life experiences and from the insights they have gathered and lets these flow into their art, too. Deeply personal and just as authentic, Cham Léon passes onto their audience what their fellow humans offer them: Love, inspiration, hope. There could never be too much of it these days anyway.

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