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Chaos Chaos

Music / Indie, Pop / Los Angeles, United States of America

Originally formed in Seattle as Smoosh, the two sisters Chloe and Asya Saavedra continued to spread their music as Chaos Chaos from 2012. The name change went hand in hand with a style change: First it was saccharine indie pop, brimming with the spirit of childhood and coming of age; today it's highly emotional and artfully produced electropop, such as the song "Do You Feel It?", which was featured on the series Rick & Morty and triggered a wave of attention for the duo, especially online.

Their album Chaos Chaos—basically the second debut—rounds off this newly developed style with lush beats and effects that occasionally veer into the psychedelic. But the versatile and cheeky vocals of the sisters always take center stage—as they should; after all, that's what makes their music so unique.

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