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Charlie Burg

Music / R'n'B/Soul / Detroit, United States of America

From the very start of his artistic career, Charlie Burg has never been one to give in to the pressures of others, neither those of half-baked trends, nor those of the music industry that produces these non-stop. Understandable, considering that even throughout his uni years, while studying music business, he was writing songs challenging contemporary exploitation principles. Alternative, R'n'B and soul, folk and indie rock is what the Detroit native songwriter combines with his captivating Jamiroquai-esque vocals and superb instrumentals, which are sometimes anchored in his masterful guitaring and occasionally accompanied by the saxophone of a studio musician. Inspired by Marvin Gaye and Al Green, by authors like Ralph Waldo Emerson or even his closest friends, Burg is one of those people able to turn experiences and interactions directly into music, with high artistic integrity at that. This might be due to the fact that he has been making music since age six, be it guitar or vocals, bass or keyboard. Biographically and musically, Burg’s creations have forever been far removed from your run-of-the-mill pop-monotony of the streaming era, from his first mixtape “Blue Wave Mosaic” (2015) to his latest track “97 Avalon”.

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