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Music / Indie / Birmingham, United Kingdom

Good things come to those who wait – this not only applies to the French herb liquor, which is rumoured to have given Chartreuse their name, but also and especially to the music of the Birmingham foursome. Inspired by the late Isaac Hayes, cool jazz and British noir pop, the sound of their EPs is introspective and approachable, but also shows a poetic quality in songs like "Only You" or "Deep Fat" which seems to be becoming increasingly rare. Singer Michael Wagstaff intonates his lyrics with an impressive intuition for pause, for restraint and bursting forth – a dynamic which Chartreuse have made their own and perfected since their beautiful debut single “Three Days”. So too, with last year’s EP "Is it Autumn Already?", the project achieved fully original song writing using variations in tempo and melody, instrumentation and style with a naturality for which it should have probably been raining awards by now. They’re sure to come - but first, the four are set to play for us this September.

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