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When he was still a young squirt, Che’s mother had started taking him to art exhibitions. Ever since, art has been more than just design and entertainment for him. It’s an expression, a vision, without which life feels like a mistake, he says. The singer, songwriter and rapper was first wasn’t sure whether he would pursue a creative career in painting or fashion design. That the right choice for him would ultimately be in music would become very clear by the time his debut EP “PINE” (2020) was released by the very latest. Che fuses K-pop and soul, urban R’n’B and carefully produced vocaliser on tracks like “Bright” or “Scars” into fluorescent city anthems that illuminate love, loneliness, desperation and hopefulness from different perspectives. And it doesn’t matter to him whether he’s received positively by the South Korean mainstream or not. Che plays by his own rules and in the process develops and transforms his skills to constantly keep audiences on their toes.

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