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Choses Sauvages

Music / Indie / Canada

Presented by: Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA)

Put on your platform shoes and glitter sunglasses, style your hair and relive the disco feeling of decades presumed long gone. No, this is not an embarrassing attempt by boomers to relive their youth. Choses Sauvages are a young project from Montréal that knows a thing or two about reanimating the vibes of a golden era of dance music very consciously in the here and now. To achieve this, the quintet uses an arsenal of analog synths that would leave every collector drooling – form Casio’s CZ-2000 to the Korg Arp Odyssey, the Roland RS-09 and a variety of Eurorack modular systems. Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Moog are included too, of course. Accordingly, the Choses Sauvages sound is organically densely produced, cuddles up to synth funk and electropop, Italo-disco and New Wave, but enjoys the benefits of modern-day production at the same time. Sensual, ethereal, lustful, the Canadians have been playing with a sound for the past two albums that some had declared at least half-dead ever since the heydays of Giorgio Moroder passed. Choses Sauvages prove them all wrong.

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