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Christin Nichols

Music / Indie / Berlin, Germany, United Kingdom

Christin Nichols' career reads like a modern-day fairy tale: She started ballet at the age of four, joined the children's circus at eight and shortly afterwards scored her first movie extra-roles – at the time, Nichols was just out of primary school. Her dedication to the stage was evident from an early age and has not only shaped her life, but also her sense of culture, aesthetics and poetry. She applies this to her music, the professional side of which she only found later during her time as one half of the electro-punk duo Prada Meinhoff – an experience that was to have a fundamental influence on her future path. This January, she finally released her solo debut "I'm Fine", where she blasts her guitar through dirty distortions and over which she superbly intones inappropriate, snotty lyrics, which, as in "Sieben Euro Vier" or "Today I Choose Violence", still have strong earworm qualities. Dancing across the open fields in her post-punk, electro and indie vibe, German rock hasn't felt this fresh and infectious in a long time.

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