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Music / Pop / Mannheim, Germany

Fabian Fieser, Mark Vonsin and Bojan Kalajdzic randomly meet at a serendipitous jam session and it doesn’t take them long to realise that they’re on the same level, personally as well as creatively. The fact that the three put their first songs down at the studio just a few months later probably has more to do with fate than spontaneity. As DJs, Fieser and Vonsin are to take on the tricks of electronic production, while Kalajdzic not only contributes his characteristic vocals along with careful effects but is also responsible for that certain sense of pop appeal. Songs like their debut single "Just A Dream" or the wonderfully relaxed "Remember You" are in consequence not only rhythmically adept and enjoy a balanced production but are also thoroughly danceable - no matter where, no matter when. For drinks at a rooftop cocktail bar, under a parasol at the beach or even for the car ride to your holiday destination: ClockClock will happily provide you with the soundtrack to a good time.

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