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Music / Pop, Electronic/Live / Cologne, Germany

The Cologne duo Coma knows how to craft catchy productions full of flavors and facets that turn frowns upside down within moments. At their colorful live shows, they use acoustic and electronic equipment to celebrate melodies that make you want to move your feet—or simply sigh with pleasure.

Somewhere on the cusp of synth-pop and tech house, Coma have found their own quirky style and honed it to perfection over the years. Their latest album, 2015's "This Side of Paradise," contains a collection of highly euphoric tracks such as "Pinguin Power" and "Happiness," with semi-synthetic vocals and intoxicating hooks that don't only fill dance floors, but can just as easily accompany a workout or a chill night with friends. At Reeperbahn Festival, you will get the opportunity to catch a glimpse of their sonic status quo when they present their upcoming album "Voyage Voyage."

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