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Cosma Joy

Music / Indie, Pop / Munich, Germany, United Kingdom

Having grown up in Munich as the daughter of two singers and having been socialized respectively, Cosma Joy has been soaking up jam sessions, music and poetry not even from birth, but from inside the womb. Logically, acquainting herself with various instruments like cello, piano, guitar and her own singing voice became a natural part of her life – music and its soul-touching power were ever present. It’s like a kind of therapy, like reclaiming one's own experiences, a narrative of its own, Cosma once stated. She truly lives this insight on her debut EP "Boy Boredom" on which she comes through on the promises she had made with her brilliant performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival last year: Superbly staged neo soul with nuances of jazz, soft rock and art pop merge into their own language of expression that sounds as intimate as it is detached. Not one person who sees Cosma Joy dancing in that sun-drenched lake in her music video for "The Loneliest Thing" could possibly deny that a great artist is at work here. 

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