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Music / Indie, Singer-Songwriter / Berlin, Switzerland, Germany

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Already on his 2013 debut Dagobert, Lukas Jäger proved an accomplished singer and songwriter. His brand of "sophisticated Schlager" revolves around little flings and true love; painful loss and freeing separation; hope and despair. Lyrically and musically, his songs can be upbeat and fresh ("Ich bin zu jung") or quirky and ironic ("Zehn Jahre"), but also soulful ("Du und ich"). This music may be labeled as Schlager, but poetic indie sound courses through its veins.

Dagobert's latest album, Welt ohne Zeit, explores relationships from every possible angle, always finding a balance between raw emotion and subtlety. Sure, he sings of love and loss, but the Swiss singer-songwriter and his band manage to express these ancient themes in modern ways, whether in the studio or live on stage.

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