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Das Paradies

Music / Indie, Pop / Leipzig, Germany

Florian Sievers originally started out as one half of the duo Talking to Turtles, which he fronted together with Claudia Göhler. In 2018, Sievers embraced the German language, experimenting with his own style of breezy, summerly Deutschpop that needs little more than guitar, drums and his own carefully layered vocals to induce serious goosebumps. His debut “Goldene Zukunft” (Golden Future), with its ambiguous lyrics and easily palatable melodies, had already hinted at where this journey might go: forward, into tomorrow – the name said it all. This summer’s follow-up “Transit” came in future-positive as well, fondly dreaming of the “Stroboskopen Jahre” (Stroboscopic Years), or telling tales of transcendence, synaesthesia and the wonders of sensual perception in “Rosa Luft” (Pink Air). Das Paradies (The Paradise) once again lives up to its name, because if there’s one thing that shapes Siever’s sound more than anything else in the studio or on stage it’s the hope for a better world.

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