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Fancy a flashback to the early 2000s? Twentythree-year-old Isabella Dayyani is happy to dish out as many time travel tickets as you need, handing out nostalgia vibes like cult postcards in retro design in the process. Inspired by the catchiness of Britney Spears or the early Backstreet Boys, the Danish-Iranian singer’s ultra-modern pop combines Scandinavian R'n'B with Arabic scales and a natural professionalism as if she has done nothing else for the last twenty years. Her debut EP "All The Things I'm Learning" only came out in February 2021 and yet Dayyani has been on permanent rotation at all major radio stations in Denmark. Her songs will shoot straight into your ears and legs while simultaneously revealing an enormously sophisticated level of production that other artists of her generation could take more than one note of. Luckily, Dayyani will take a break from working on her forthcoming debut album to stop by in Hamburg this year.

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