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Deep Glaze

Music / Rock / Hungary

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Deep Glaze from Hungary absolutely have a penchant for the fuzzy sound of the sixties. But that doesn't mean that the Budapest four-piece doesn't have fresh ideas—on the contrary. The band name is strangely fitting for music that shimmers mysteriously as though covered in a thick glaze, with a heavy dose of psychedelic rock that sounds more modern than anyone has come to expect in the midst of all these revivals and retro waves.

Their debut Pressure already struck a chord in that respect, enriching the original songwriting demonstrated on their Unveiled EP with fatter guitars, more varied arrangements, and loads of fresh-sounding effects. It's no easy feat to unite all these elements in a cohesive whole. But you needn't worry about Deep Glaze. Once you see them live, you'll mostly have to worry about picking your jaw up off the floor.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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