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Denai Moore

Music Folk, R'n'B/Soul United Kingdom

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The music of Denai Moore builds bridges: between Jamaica and the UK, between Spanish Town and London. During her childhood on the Caribbean island, her father teaches the artist to play the keyboard. When her family moves to London's Stratford, Denai Moore is ten years old. Her schooldays are influenced by British and American pop and soul music. When Denai Moore begins to perform in small East London clubs and presents her own songs for the first time, she is promptly signed by the label Because Music, where the two albums “Elsewhere” and “We Used to Bloom” are released.

As a singer Denai Moore finds a unique sound on her releases, which lies somewhere between folk and soul and refers as much to Lauryn Hill as to Bon Iver. The fact that Denai Moore also runs the celebrated vegan food business “Dees Table”, for which she was inspired by her Jamaican background, emphasizes once again the energy of the artist, which is particularly visible on stage.

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