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Die Höchste Eisenbahn

Music / Indie, Pop / Berlin, Germany

Anyone who is supported by grandees of the poetic song genre like Gisbert zu Knyphausen and Judith Holofernes in their very first performances must be doing a lot right. And Francesco Wilking and Moritz Krämer have proven over the last ten years that they still have the right touch for the right timbres in the right hooks every step of the way. From the first EP “Unzufrieden”, for which the duo got support from Max Schröder and Felix Weigt, to the cult debut album “Schau in den Lauf Hase” (2013) and the real chart hit “Ich glaub dir alles” (2019), they’ve combined the old-school with the new pretty successfully as Die Höchste Eisenbahn – and created dreamy indie poetry from partly uplifting, partly bittersweet lyrics. The right song for every mood nuance, but still as unusual as a train on stilts.

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