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Die Realität

Music / Indie / Germany

They’ve referred to themselves as Germany's expert band on laziness, as the cake lifters of acid pop, as the Mother’s Day of German indie bands and as Cologne’s most dangerous trap trio – so this is where you can get an extra helping of sarcasm and tongue-in-cheekness. But in fact, Die Realität celebrate something like sonic Dadaism from the Rhineland, cheekily arranged, lyrically and musically stuck between party and poetry, always able to catapult itself into some form of timelessness. Last year’s debut was called Bubblegum Noir, and the sound of the three-piece from Cologne is in the title, and the title is in the sound. Do Alfred, Eric and Felix ride the overdone retro wave? Of course not. References from Stereolab to Lee Hazlewood are apparent (as in so many places), but Die Realität is a dub- and delay-decorated blessing of the present – and as contemporary as it gets thanks to the band’s unrelenting immediacy.

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