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Music / Electronic/Live, Indie / Berlin, Germany, Brazil

A voice like mirrors made of colored glass, about to break. Compositions shimmering with nothing but pure emotion - and an incomparable ability to invoke the full spectrum of a lifetime worth of emotions in mere minutes: ever since her debut “This Silence Kills” (2011), Dillon has been one of the most outstanding singers to have graced local stages in recent years. And if she hadn’t been already, her EP "When Breathing Feels Like Drowning" (2019), which unites some of her best original compositions with brilliant cover renditions, has also put her on the map internationally. Vocal parallels to Björk or Lykke Li are understandable and ultimately flattering of course, but the Brazilian native’s timbre indeed opens doors to different worlds altogether and talks about distant longings just as intimately as it does about the most up-close of injuries.

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