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Donkey Kid

Music / Indie / Berlin, Germany

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Like a lot of others of his generation, the confines of his bedroom is where Donkey Kid produced his first songs which shortly afterwards found their way onto Soundcloud. It didn’t take long before those digging through the platform and people from the Berlin DIY scene took notice of the youngster’s music. Laidback indie pop that lucidly reminds of “Abbey Road” as much as it does of 80s synthpop while still sounding astonishingly fresh. Even in the well-saturated musical universe of the nation’s capital, this isn’t an everyday occurrence, as recognised by Marco Kleebauer (Bilderbuch) who agreed to produce Donkey Kid’s debut EP “Distant Shouts” without a second thought. On it: Five bittersweet indie miniatures of extraordinary quality that casually but confidently blow smoke in the face of our post-pandemic present and at the same time sound like the soundtrack to a coming-of-age movie yet to be filmed. A talented songwriter of which we hope to hear a lot more in the future – in Hamburg, soon, among other places.

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