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Donna Blue

Music / Indie, Pop / Netherlands

Like the soundtrack to a never released romance by George Sluizer or an obscure gem from the back shelves of your favourite record store, Donna Blue sounds simultaneously nostalgic, idiosyncratic and wonderfully asynchronous. Danique van Kesteren’s singing is a vocal dream in sepia, embedded in harmonies soft like endless velvet curtains behind which the subconscious slumbers. Like no other, the Dutch duo penetrates with great sensitivity the lining between dream and reality, which we usually only get to discover at night, and makes it visible to us in bright daylight. Songs like “Inbetween” or “Solitaire” traverse this transition so smoothly, you barely even notice it – the present melts into the past and becomes its cinematic interpretation. It’s as if Julee Cruise and Charlotte Gainsbourg were driving down the Côte d'Azur in a Cadillac, scribbling melodies like poems onto yellowed postcards.

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