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DOORS OPEN – Kick off the festival with some highlights? Why not. We open the doors to the 14th edition of the Reeperbahn Festival and experience an evening full of entertaining moments, exciting talks and international live acts. Our host duo Charlotte Roche and Ray Cokes will lead us through the DOORS OPEN SHOW and welcome Keychange ambassador Joy Denalane, the ANCHOR Jury (Peaches, Kate Nash, Zan Rowe, Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß, Tony Visconti and Bob Rock) as well as the Canadian indie-pop icon Feist and the Australian singer-songwriter Dope Lemon to the Operettenhaus. Afterwards, Feist and Dope Lemon will kick off the musical festival programme as part of the DOORS OPEN CONCERTS at 9:15 pm with two full concerts.

5 pm: Reception with Drinks and Networking, Accreditation)
6 pm: DOORS OPEN Show (with Feist, Dope Lemon, Joy Denalane, Peaches, Kate Nash, Zan Rowe, Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß, Tony Visconti and Bob Rock)
7 pm: DOORS OPEN Aftershow Party (by invitation only)
9:15 pm: DOORS OPEN Concert (Dope Lemon)
11:15 pm: DOORS OPEN Concert (Feist)

DOORS OPEN including the show and two concerts is open to all with wristbands for the festival Wednesday.

Please note that the hall will be closed after DOOORS OPEN in order for reconstruction for the DOORS OPEN CONCERTS. The official DOORS OPEN Aftershow Party following the DOORS OPEN SHOW will take place in the foyer of the Operettenhaus for inivited guests. Doors will open again for the DOORS OPEN Concerts at 08:30 pm.

DOORS OPEN Show will be streamed live by ARTE Concert.

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