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The German word “doch” conveys one meaning above all others: the idea of defiance. I’m right and you’re wrong. And “Doch” is the key to the world of Max Gruber, alias Drangsal, as well as the title of his debut book. In a series of autobiographical mini-narratives and short stories, Drangsal opens up a world between fact and fiction. About growing up in the provincial areas of Germany's Palatinate region, about music, about lonely figures who indulge in their obsessive endeavors somewhere between their waking hours and their dreams - he lets us share in all of this at his reading the St. Pauli Church. “His stories and poems are perfect dissonances in which a world, an entire life resonates and breaks,” writes Jens Balzer, also an author and columnist for well-known media publications, describing Drangsal's fragmentary work. Drangsal’s main stage for his work is as a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. But particularly through the podcast “With disdain” he jointly presents with musician Casper you can be sure that Max Gruber also has a lot to say beyond music.


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