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While boy bands are unfortunately long past their prime in our part of the world, South Korea still boasts a large following for the concept: dashing boys who not only sing, but can also dance and embody a unique style. Drippin are currently not only among the newest, but also among the hottest acts in this field and are causing a major stir in and around Seoul. Signed to the renowned Woollim Entertainment label, the seven-headed group presents a fresh and energetic interpretation of what we once understood of the typical boy band image. Their sound is probably best described as lushly produced K-pop, drawing inspiration from western dance-pop and disco house, but transcribing it into 2021 adequately and with a lot of verve. Unsurprisingly, the boys have spawned a fan club called “Dreamin” – which most likely will gather a lot of new members at their shows here.

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